Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Complimentary cabinets designed for the bedroom.

Quantum doesn’t stop at fitted wardrobes. There are numerous furniture options that can be created, such as bedside tables, window seats, drawer sets and desks. As you can acquire all your bedroom furniture through Quantum, this means entire bedroom sets that work together are available. This ensures your taste and design preferences will be reflected throughout your room, allowing for your space to become personalised.

Bedroom Accessories

It’s the small touches that often make the greatest difference when it comes to bedrooms. It can make or break how you interact with your space. Lighting placements and internal layouts can completely transform how you organise and use your available space.

Sanctuary Brochure

For more bedroom inspiration request a copy of our brochure directly to your front door. 

Dressing Rooms

Each dressing room produced is completely bespoke. It is completely up to you as the individual on how you want to use the space.