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Sliding Wardrobes

We make the most of your awkward spaces.

Sliding Doors

Sliding mirror wardrobes are a perfect option when you are looking to be economical with your space. With the doors able to recess behind one another, this ensures no additional space is taken up when opening the sliding wardrobes. This gives the bedroom sets a sleek appearance as each door is connected seamlessly. With three designs to choose from, you can create the perfect combination of colours and panels, so your Made-to-Measure wardrobes are flawlessly congruent with the theme of your room.

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Minimalist 2.0_3D_2P_Grey Mirror_Black f

For a graceful wardrobe, Cadgwith offers a delicate design with its fine lines and smooth, fluid movement. 


Classic_3D_fineline_Bronze Mirror-Cashme

A classic sliding door contributes to a simple and tranquil effect, ensuring the wardrobe is a constant area of support.



A substantial sliding door, Lulworth makes its presence known, ensuring a statement wardrobe is created.


Pocket Doors

For space saving ideas, pocket doors are an ideal solution. Able to retract into the cabinet so doors don’t protrude into the room and take up valuable space, these designs are great options when working with apartment style rooms or other small spaces. Pocket doors are particularly valuable when looking to include built-in desk spaces, as they allow cabinets to become versatile and develop beyond traditional bedroom design. 


Bi-Fold Doors

For the opportunity to expand your space and have total access to the entirety of your wardrobe, bi-fold doors provide the answer. Without intruding too far into the room, they are perfect for double wardrobes that span a wide area as they successfully open the space and don’t stifle the environment.   


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Reserved and versatile, Linden is a relaxed option in bedroom design, able to comfortably settle in any surrounding.


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Thorpe is a shaker door that can lend itself to any styling due to its extensive colour palette and simple shape.



Ashbury is the perfect door style for expressing individuality and quirks with its five-piece shaker shape.


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Manston is perfect for down-to-earth and clear-cut designs which create wardrobes with strong silhouettes.



Harcombe is the perfect contemporary design due to its narrow shaker frame and wide colour options.



Coombe is a perfect contemporary option. These wardrobes create a very polished, finished look.


Birling Handleless Bedroom Doors

Minimal and uncomplicated, Birling offers a clean and uncluttered addition to the bedroom. 



Exebridge offers a design with dainty beading, which immediately creates a polished and complete look.